Friday, June 17, 2005

A refreshing bit o' news!

This is about the Mayor of Seattle whos managed to get 300 other mayors also to agree that it will be great for US cities to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets!!

For more information on the Kyoto Protocol - read the information on Wikipedia

This was such a refreshing bit of news what with the world going down the drain with no concerns on the environment, cause after all, we are the ones that live here mate!!

We will be leaving the earth for our future generations if we dont blast it up first!!

To read about this mayor who had the guts to take on his own country (which incidentally has not signed the Kyoto Protocol) please read here...

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  1. My grandchild will be wearing an oxygen mask all the time, I fear. Unless, of course small things like this treaty get under way trampling down the power mad people. Imagine Bangalore without trees in half a century. I bet not only is it imaginable but seems it will be at the rate our highly ineffective and brainless BDA cuts down the trees "for better roads and traffic control".


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