Monday, June 20, 2005

Indianapolis - no race or great race??

Well, the Formula1 race that was held in Indianapolis turned out to be a no-show. Or thats what everyone else said!! I for one, enjoyed the race immensely though I would have loved to see some great racing on one of the fastest tracks on the F1 circuit!!

The official version here.....

Michelin screwed up!! Plain and simple. What else can be said? I really cannot see the race from their point of view. Though I can understand that the other teams that ran on Michelin were concerned for their drivers' safety and didn't want them to race on those tyres. Especially after Ralf's crash and Zontas problem too. But otherwise, I'd say that it is completely Michelins fault. And there is also nothing wrong that Ferrari decided to go ahead with the race. I mean, here they are, just starting to come good on their car and get their tyres to start performing and they are asked to run at a disadvantage or even worse, sit out the race with the rest of them. And I believe the others would have had a fight on their hands with Ferrari in this state. Even though the race seemed one-sided after that, it was good to see Narain Karthikeyan race well and also the fight between Barichello and Schumi. Though I would say that one of these days, Schumi is gonna get it bigtime from Barichello. Or he will move to a different team that will take better care of him.

The only people I felt bad about was the spectators and the drivers who felt like racing, but could not due to team orders and others like Barichello, who wanted to take a stand with the other drivers but could not - again due to team orders. All in all, a pretty bad day for the sport but a good one for me. And a record of sorts to top it up - it was the first race in decades where all the starters finished!

Though I really wish Narain had finished on the podium. Please try and give him a better car, Jordan!!


  1. Yeah but the race was different and definitely interesting. Not the actual race though. But the whole melodrama.

  2. I should also add that I did enjoy the race, but enjoyed the brouhaha more!!!

  3. Am always a fan of Michelin..guess they scrwed up.. but we still got to remember all those races where they managed to put one over Bridgestone..Anyway who cares its the USA..europe didnt want to race there hell with it

  4. Yeah and that I think is the Ultimate truth, Big J!! Yeah, who cares anyway - its the friggin US of friggin A!! No one cares - the cocooned idiots can play their own games and have their own audiences!!


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