Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 14th?

Seems like the dreaded, most boring "day" is just around the corner....yes, St.Valentines day!!! It looks like the greeting card manufacturing companies created this day. Who knows if a St.Valentine lived in the past or not. All we know is that this is a day when the male of the species however "unhitched" he may be, has to act all drooly and stupid, buy gifts for his lady love and act all lovey dovey! In fact, in the place where I work, the women have all decided that the guys have to buy them gifts and read out a poem for them!! I can write you a deaths song, if you please! Does this sound good enough?....

Seems three years
Though maybe four
Someone drops dead
Whom i adore
You love someone
There will be grief
The kiss of death
Lips of a thief


A dusty stack
of photographs
Of times I've cried
But mostly laughed
Commit the past
Into blue flame
Acrid smoke
Cowardly shame

Everyone I love is dead (ha-ha)

Life's a game I cannot win
Both good and bad
Must surely end
The mirrors
Always tell the truth
I love myself
For hating you

Those last 2 lines just break my heart!! Damn, love somebody, stay in love, just dont give me a goddamn day to friggin celebrate my love.


  1. Nice Poem :)

    Vf Ybir erny be fbzrguvat vzntvanel !?.

  2. Yeah what a bull crap of a day when every one goes mushy mushy. IT IS JUST ANOTHER DAY for Godsakes.

  3. Anonymous (whoever you are!!!)

    What does "Vf Ybir erny be fbzrguvat vzntvanel" mean?? did u let ur cat run over the keyboard?? or is that some sort of cryptic message??

  4. Yo yep its a encoded message
    using the algo Rot13 a arcane encryption used in the early internet you can use the website below to dechiper it :).


  5. Thanks John my man!! I did visit the site and well, I have deciphered the message!!

    "Is Love real or something imaginary!?"

    Thats something that I can write about at a later date!! Thanks for the thought!

  6. uggc://oybt.eravreniva.pbz

  7. Dudes...and if there are any dudettes who read this blog.....my friend renie has already started a blog of his own...u can check it out here...its specially for the artistically inclined i think..



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