Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The dreaded day is over atlast!! Damn these idiots who went capering around the streets, painting the town a crazy shade of red! Rest In Peace.

Nothing to add to this days blog except that work is pretty hectic now but atleast I have something to do all day. Go back home in the night, sleep dead tired and wake in the morning late to start it all off again.

And a good friend of mine,Renie has started a blog thats kinda different - no words, all images. Check it out at the following link. This was the guy who dreamed about becoming a Marine Biologist, a photographer and what not. He lost his way, but I guess his artistic talents have not been wasted, he has a web-development firm now.


And the good news is that Anand, that "guy who always mixes those amazing drinks" - in Mahesh's words, is going to be here next week. He will be driving down from Chennai with Renie and hopefully they will stay the weekend. Gerald will also turn up, we are hoping for Anoop also to turn up. Manu, forget, hes busy studying!!

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