Monday, January 28, 2008

Red Cross and my B-I-L

Wow, was sent this ad for the Red Cross by my sis. My brother-in-law, who does volunteer work for the Red Cross is in this ad. Hehe, shake a leg!!

The original video is on the page and to know more about them visit this link.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rock concerts

Well, well. Iron Maiden were here last year for the first time and we all had an amazing time preparing ourselves and to herald the coming of the rock gods. They are back this time, but only to Mumbai and they are kicking off their world tour from there. Even better, they will be playing only their old songs. But hell, I can't make it even though all my friends are going. Damn!! But have fun guys and rock on!!!

But a small consolation, planning to make it to the "Rock In India" festival featuring Megadeth and Machine Head.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reliance Wimax Broadband

Well, a lot of blogs and sites have trashed Reliance's Wimax service and there have been a lot of comments on these sites from existing users pouring out their woes. But since this is the only option I had to get an internet connection from, I opted for the same and applied. All they needed was an address proof (original copy. I gave my mobile bill), Identity card copy and a local cheque for 500 bucks. I had also checked whether my area was covered and was told it was. A little skeptic, I gave the documents to the guy and also was told that it would take 2 weeks since their equipment was out of stock. I didn't mind and said that was fine. But you gotta appreciate them, I got the equipment in a week and it was fixed the same day. And I checked the connection. Damn, beautiful I must say. Neat speeds and a very steady connection. I get a normal speed of 40KB/sec, which is even better than Airtel I must say.

I have always been a little skeptic of Reliance all these years. I think this started with the lousy tinny ringtones you used to get on old Reliance CDMA mobiles. Things have changed and the Wimax seems to be a winner!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Third ride with RTMC

Damn, finally made another ride with the RTMC (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club). I think I actually went on my first ride with the RTMC close to a year back. I did go another time but was unable to ride with them since then due to some problems. So finally decided to join them on the announce ride ( a ride that they organize to someplace closeby, mainly for noobs). The place was Machinebelli, a dam/reservoir some 50 kms away from Bangalore. The group was sizeable with some old hands thrown in. But what I really liked this time was the way everyone rode this time. Not like noobs at all. Neat hard ride, at the end of which we had our usual introduction session. Ride back was neat and reached home around 2 in the afternoon. Good ride. Pics up soon.

A Cricketer and a Gentleman

The big fight between the Australian and Indian cricket teams may be drawing to a close with Ricky Ponting actually being surprised by the number of people unhappy with their ugly tactics - even back home!. Looks like the Aussies have received a lot of bad press about their dirty behaviour from all over the world!. I kinda think its time that they got some too. I mean, all these years I never liked the Aussies only cause of the way they played their game. McGrath was one of my most hated players cause of his tendency to shoot off his mouth after every delivery. And the point of the whole thing is that no one ever brought a complaint against them about sledging and the ICC also has done nothing about it. But in the middle of this mud-slinging test series, I think one man has earned my respect - Anil Kumble. In his article in the "Hindustan Times", he tells of how he has decided to call off an agreement he had made with Ricky Ponting. In this agreement, they had decided that whatever the situation, the fielder concerned would be completely straight on what happened. Since Michael Clarke was so utterly defiant that he had taken a clean catch and decided to stay on even after he had given a clean catch to the slips, Kumble had decided to break the agreement. In this particular day and age when being courageous and true to your word is actually frowned upon, I really appreciate what Kumble has done. And moving onto the "alleged" racist slur that Harbhajan had used on Symonds, Kumble says - "When I offered to apologise as Bhajji's skipper, it was only to smooth things over. At no stage did I admit that he had made a racist remark. In fact, I said he had not". The following lines are beautiful - "Unfortunately, these days, when someone apologises, it is seen as either a sign of weakness or an admission of guilt. I am neither unnerved nor are we guilty. In the larger interests of the game, if an apology could help build bridges and smooth things over, then it is better made then left unsaid because of egos".

Well, I really thought this guy had to be put to pasture, but I respect him now. In my book, he can retire anytime in high esteem!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bring The Boys Back Home

Bring the boys back home
Bring the boys back home
Don't leave the children on their own
Bring the boys back home

Is this whats going to happen to the Indian Cricket team? Seems like there is a lot of troubles down under. But hoping they don't cut short their tour and come back home. Ideal situation - they stay on to hear the australian crowds booing and jeering but win all the remaining matches. Utopia? Surely, but yes.