Thursday, July 21, 2016

Very bad customer service from Amazon India

I was looking to buy the Mi Max - saw it was available in FK, Amazon and the mi app yesterday morning. Decided to buy it through Amazon since I like the customer service. But in my hurry, I placed the order using a card that didn't have enough credit amount left and the payment didn't go through. Got an email and the order page also said "Revise Payment".

Now comes the fun part. I click on the "Revise Payment" button and it takes me to another page - where I should be able to enter alternative details and get the payment through. But nothing of that sort happened - the new page just shows the order number and was blank. Tried in different browsers, no luck. Contacted support who assured me that it looks like a technical issue and that since the order was placed, the product will surely be booked in my name. I reminded them that the phone must be out of stock already and maybe that was why I am unable to revise payment. But customer service assured me it wasn't so.

Now started another bad set of customer service incidents - Amazon reps started behaving like Airtel reps - give false information everytime and this went on till 10 PM. I even taunted them saying that they are just waiting for 24 hrs to end so that they can place the blame on me - saying that I hadn't revised the payment within 24 hrs.

And that is what exactly happened - today morning, the oder was missing from my page. They had also sent me an email saying that the order was cancelled. I contact customer service and tell them the whole story from the beginning! The rep tells me that there is no choice but for me to place an order when it is in stock.

No, it becomes more fun. I open the Mi Max page and suddenly I see "Only 1 in stock" message. I quickly place the order. Order goes through smoothly. I ask the rep about it. He says - "yes, you were able to place the order. But it is not in stock. It will only be shipped when it goes back in stock!". I am flabbergasted. I was so stunned that I did not even know what to say.

So many issues from their end but they did not even acnowledge it or try to correct or placate me. Sorry but that was really, really bad customer service from Amazon! Pathetic in fact.

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