Tuesday, May 01, 2012


When I started blogging (as soon as I said that, I feel old!) - it was the in thing to do. People would religiously update their blogs everyday - including me! And it was fun to see so many interactions on the blog. Then in dropped Facebook and people wanted real time updates and "likes" on stuff that they wrote about. In a way, this started to drive the knife into blogging and started bleeding it.

But the real killer for me has been Twitter. 140 character limit doesn't actually spoil it for you. It makes it more interesting. And you try and put as much as possible into that 140 limit! And to say that I get the latest news faster on Twitter than anywhere else has much to say.

Maybe blogging still lives on - I am not aware of it. Let me see how many comments I get on this post. Btw, guess this is my 9th year of blogging!


  1. 9 years...long time. I am just staring to blog and have shunned twitter so far even though everyone I know seems to be addicted to it. But I do religiously FB! But isn't that almost a given now? Who dosen't? I think alot of people have gone to Flickr. At least in my sons age range, 15-20. I just liked blogger's easier interface. Anywho...blog on!

  2. Thanks for the comment Shannon!! Good luck with your blogging...

  3. Damn, actually have been blogging only for 7 years and 7 months now. Where did that 9 year number come from? ;)

  4. your post are Inspiration


    Time pass
    damn ,wht i wrote it zig zag
    ------Their may be grammar mistakes.. :)

  5. @ gunjan - thanks for stopping by my blog. Good blog you have there!


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