Friday, October 29, 2010

BMTC Bus Routes on Google Maps

Finally! And it had to come with some help from Google. We now can get bus routes with bus numbers (even broken journeys) on Google maps itself for Bangalore.

I think one of the biggest reasons why people do not intend to use public transport is because all the information is so muddled and confusing. We end up having to ask people at local bus-stands and the poor souls sometimes send us to the other end of Bangalore! :)

I have used in the past and the site is very good. It gives you a whole lot of information where Bus routes is just one of it. It does a pretty good job too.

But Google maps, by integrating the bus route information with their Maps, has made it much more simpler. I can use it on my mobile too. I am sure a whole lot of more people will atleast not be afraid to try public transport anymore! But one disclaimer though - Google says - "Only Vajra, Vayu Vajra (Airport Dedicated) and Big-10 services are covered by Google Transit at present.". But I am certain this will extend in the future to other buses too.

To those of you who has not used Google maps to get directions (are there any left? :)  ) - it is simple to use Google Maps to get bus routes. Get into Google Maps, click "Get Directions" on the top left corner. Enter your location in Bangalore. Here, I entered a random-on-top-of-my-head location - Madiwala. For the destination, I entered Indiranagar. Click "Get Directions". This would bring up and show on the map the driving directions.

You will need to change this to show bus routes by clicking the small icon next to the car icon - "By public transport". This shows up the route via public transport and also gives you the name(s) of buses you have to take, the closest bus stop, how far you will need to walk to and from a bus-stop etc.

Go check it out and take a bus today!


  1. Hey you got nice content about bangalore... its helps..
    You could think about increasing the readability... the dark background makes it a little difficult to read ...
    or maybe i should get a new specs..

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by, Vivek. Thanks for the suggestion. I might just take it up! :)

    I've been using the same template since 2004!!

  3. BMTC bus routes are now on Google Maps . Useful information


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