Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Croak in India

Well, DNA Networks - which was shitty to start with anyway, have sold what little soul they had to Mani. And on hindsight (which is looking out through your a$$), might have made a big mistake. Their web-site has been hacked, not once but twice by angry metalheads. The hacker had appropriately re-named the site "Co*k in India", cause this year, "Rock" in India is headlined by 2 mega-metal acts. Two of the best metal bands to be still cocking, err, rocking - Backstreet bums and Richard Corx. Well, we all know why the Backstreet losers call themselves that!

So here's to the death of Rock in India (only this bloody event) - raise your beers and drink up. Cause - Up the Irons, no prayer for the cup!

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  1. I cannot disagree to a single letter that you have said. No noise, or even rumors about rock bands in India this year. Please don't make this a sad year guys. Backstreet boys.. of god sake! Why are they even a band? Didn't other school bands just seize existing once they finished school? Can't you guys follow the same suite and spare the world some good music?

    Always nothing is better than NONSENSE! And nonsense isn't the word for Backstreet boys.


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