Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Croak in India

Well, DNA Networks - which was shitty to start with anyway, have sold what little soul they had to Mani. And on hindsight (which is looking out through your a$$), might have made a big mistake. Their web-site has been hacked, not once but twice by angry metalheads. The hacker had appropriately re-named the site "Co*k in India", cause this year, "Rock" in India is headlined by 2 mega-metal acts. Two of the best metal bands to be still cocking, err, rocking - Backstreet bums and Richard Corx. Well, we all know why the Backstreet losers call themselves that!

So here's to the death of Rock in India (only this bloody event) - raise your beers and drink up. Cause - Up the Irons, no prayer for the cup!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mumbai is for all Indians

I don't know how or why we let politicians play with our constitutional rights. Specifically the right to "settle" anywhere in India (though they have removed J&K from this) and earn a living. Who the hell is anyone to tell me that I cannot live in any part of India?

Finally the Home Minister has openly said that Mumbai is not only for the Marathi people but for everyone.