Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 years of blogging!

Its been 5 since I wrote my first post - way back in December 29, 2004! Thanks to Sam who started me off in writing a blog. Hehe, looks like Facebook has killed his blog though! :)

I did manage to get some people at my workplace to start a blog - some of them have been quite regular since then - Oracle Incognito (have you deleted the blog?), Simon, Listener's Vision, Abhi, Jacinth, come to mind. Some have died off but thanks for the effort guys! Facebook and others of its ilk will be the death of our blogs! :)

Thanks to Anwin - who is still prolific with his blogging, I moved to my own domain. He also convinced Simon and Zeon to get their own domains. Mustn't forget Renie and Anoop who also write on and off!

And thanks to IndiBlogger, I get good traffic to my blogs - yes, I have another photoblog - Naveen's Clicks. I "try" and post a new pic a day - if only months were days :)

Well, blogging has been fun.....


  1. congrats dude :)
    i cant even rem wat i was doing in dec 2004
    go on.. ok?

  2. Congrats Naveen ji
    Hope you blogging continues likes this...

  3. Sir,
    please go through your 2nd blog,
    commenting section Not appearing,

    You were a great photographer.

  4. @ Smalltown_girl - thanks a lot for stopping by! Yeah and I intend to go on!

    @ Shri Krishna - thanks for pointing that out about my Photoblog - will get it up and running soon. Thanks for the compliments too - you can check out my other pics on www.flickr.com/naveenroy

  5. keep up the good works bro - JK

  6. Yo man, awesome. Are you sure your first post was on Dec 29, 2004? My first post was on Dec 28, 2004. I remember that I started my first blog a couple of days after you did.

    But it has been an awesome journey man - 5 years. Yoo hoo!!!

  7. Cool man... I hope we all actually take this for 20 more years and celebrate a silver jubilee for your blog!

  8. No da not deleted my blog ... it's just changed to kirthimaurya.blogspot.com .... update ur feed plz

  9. whoa ! awesome mate.. I remember blogging from Nov 2005 sometime.. Jeez, has been a while now..



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