Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double Internet speed for free

....hehe, if you ended up here searching for those terms, you are out of luck mate. If you are from India.

I remember the days when we had pathetic internet connections - dial-up provided by the government. Now, we still have pathetic connections provided by big players like even Airtel! And Airtel wants some stupid "Fair - Usage" policy to be put into place. Why I ask? If I pay for the damned net connection, it gives me the right to use it! If I have a fast internet connection, I will want to use it. The service providers have to play fair!

And now I read an article off BoingBoing Gadgets that Comcast users in Pittsburgh, USA will get double Internet speeds for no extra cost. And what speeds you ask - well, hmm err, 15 MBps to 28 MBps.

News stories like this really piss me off. And I am posting this on an ultra-fast high end connection here in the Silicon City of India, Bangalore - a super-fast blazing connection of 512Kbps.

No fair play here!

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