Friday, April 03, 2009

The Yellow Brigade

I hid in my foxhole when "foreign" terrorists hit my city. I never came out even for an interview. "My" people - people who speak my language even were massacred. I still hid. The NSG fought valiantly. I still hid. Nobody asked where I was hiding. I still hid.

Days went by. It all ended. One terrorist was captured. I still hid.

Months went by. Valentines day passed without a whimper. I still hid.

One lawyer decided to represent the lone captured terrorist. Hope you read that right - represent! That was all. My temper flared. I started frothing at the mouth. How can one woman decide to fight for that terrorist. I came out of hiding wearing my pink underwear. I called up my buddies. Lets go thrash the poor lady and her house. Bloody woman! How can she. Culture. What happens to our culture. Yeah pour me some more scotch. Ya fucker, don't tell them that its scotch. Its local hooch.

Get them "longs" and lets go thrash somebody. I have been hiding too long. Need to teach someone a lesson. Bloody culture haters!


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