Sunday, November 09, 2008

RTMC Announce ride to Nandi Hills

Was working Saturday night. But still thought that me and the wife can take a short, hard ride to Nandi Hills and also meet up with the guys in the process. Finished work at 8 and Bluetooth called me to say that they were already starting off after breakfast. Got into the cab and was home at 8:35. Quickly fuelled up and started off. Reached the foothills at 10 and Bluetooth messaged to say that they were just having the intros and all. Reached a bit late but damn happy to have made it. Good to meet all the guys after having last met them in RTMC 7A. They all planned to ride to the new BIAL and do a formation but opted out since I needed to sleep. Got back all fine. Nice ride!

Pics up as usual on Flickr - Love the panorama of the bikes at a curve!

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