Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I Hate proprietary software

Ok this post is not about why I like the Open Source Movement. Its the views of Eric Raymond, author of the awesome book, The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Its an interesting point of view. Not the usual geeky, kiddish ideas that say "I don't like Microsoft because of this blah blah blah". More militant in his views (as usual), Eric says how he felt like a slave when working with proprietary software and some people who have coded for a long time never realise that they are after all, slaves to the system!

"The stupid and the timeservers were lucky. It was the really bright, creative people among my peers that hurt the most. And we were all very young and malleable and eager to please; it took me years after I’d escaped to understand that I had a right to feel angry about how I had been used, and many of my peers never figured that out at all."

Interesting ideas and thoughts and if you are a coder, open your eyes and read the whole post here....

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