Monday, September 15, 2008

Orissa, now Mangalore

Orissa has burnt bright and the embers are still smoldering and nobody remembers. This time it is closer to home. Being closely "related" to Mangalore, this time I have to write about the crime itself. Unlike last time when DesiPundit "discovered" me (yippee! I am on top of the world!!) when I had written only about the lack of posts from the indian blogosphere.

Point taken and all that jazz. But still no one wrote a post about what happened in Orissa. I would like to see how many posts there are now about Mangalore. Guess not too many will be there. Those that turn up will be just from some far-left blog somewhere. Well, after all, the christians bring it upon themselves by their conversions!

Well, to date 7 churches have been vandalised and some other mindless violence has taken place. When people protested, they have been lathi-charged. Wonder where the police was when the crime took place. I have heard from people close to me that even small churches in off beat places have been broken into and vandalised. Mindless - I must change that term. Planned is the term. Statues have been broken. Church pews and benches smashed up. Much more.

See a small pattern emerging here.

Start breathing the air - the pogroms are upon us!

Update - posts already up. But the one I came across has got a very disturbing tone to it. Not linking to it. Minus 1.


  1. Thats not true. Get your facts straight. No one's into forcible conversions. People have their prayers answered and come by themselves without any coercion. We cannot stop them and tell them to stop coming.

  2. Well, I can be a sarcastic bas###d the post a second time!


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