Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Orissa burning!!

And I thought that the Indian Blogosphere had matured! In fact, I should not even be capitalising those words! It is not deserved at all.

Not one blog have I read that has written about what has happened in Orissa. I waited this long to see that some post will end up on my Google Reader. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

What balls it had, has been lost. For the indian blogosphere that is! Not capitalised anymore.

Well, I shouldn't really say that none of the blogs have mentioned it. Some have. Actually very few have. We have more important things to cover like the Barack Obama situation. Or the Gustav in the Americas. Or that some random indian was punched in the face and called names in some subway station in London. Or that some random person who was "racially abusive" can now no longer participate in some random "reality" show somewhere.

No one cares to know that "a mob "allegedly" set fire to a person - alive" in some random village in Orissa. No one bothered to write about people who ran away from homes, literally scared for their lives and lived in the forests. No one cared to even write about the fear that these people still live in. Some have returned. To be put into special centers - riot care victim centers. India shining - burning more likely. Smell the progroms all over again.

I appreciate some of the bloggers who have indeed written about this. Samuel and Mutiny.in to name two. And let me tell you that I am not even going to start on the perpetrators of this crime. I am just concentrating on the indian blogosphere here.

Dissapointing to see that two of my favourite Blog aggregator sites - Desicritics and DesiPundit did not even mention it. Yes, I know that you aggregate or put up posts only when someone else posts them. No posts then. I would not want to start on the blogs of other "socially active" bloggers even. Not one mention. Damn disappointing people!

You didn't mention it cause the tribals asked for it? To be displaced and burnt alive?


  1. well you missed my post !!


    Religious violence is always directly linked to fear of Conversions. Sociologist can find out why religious conversions bring out Violent streak in the society.Usually this violence is always very inhumane. Burning,Raping ,killing .....Unfortunately almost all religions are guilty of this.--PK

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  3. To use a cliche, the blogosphere is an echo chamber.

    Now that Neha has discovered you, you will see more such copy cat posts. :)

    Seriously, I agree with your sentiments.

  4. Indian blogosphere writes about things that are slightly more "eclectic" in order to garner more attention(read:american bloggers).
    The travesty of laws in the country has reached its pinnacle. I am not exactly an authority on religious violence but I have been exposed a particularly vehement kind of Christian conversion mechanism in the recent past. Despite my own atheist viewpoint, it made me want to tear my hair out because the people at the helm of it made it point to ridicule "Hinduism" every given opportunity. Assuming that I was/am a Hindu.
    Violence is disturbing. Always. But a little more thought/analysis needs to go into what makes people behave in such savage ways as witnessed in Orissa. As a liberal(much abused term) one tends to look away but the illiterate of the tribe respond in murderous ways.
    Its sad what happened in Orissa. Its sadder that people have already forgotten about it.

    - Scherezade



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