Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creative Zen Xtra hacked

Well, well, looks like I finally got down to physically hacking my old Creative Zen Xtra. The last time I tried something, I really screwed it up and had to load all my music back in again. I have written about this before also. I did read up on the net some months back (in fact, it has been more than a year back) about how you can physically install a larger capacity laptop hard drive on the Creative Zen Xtra mp3 player. I got some information off PimpSalad and ZenUpgrade (which no longer exists) about how you can change the hard drive on the player. Sure, this voids your warranty but who is going to give warranty for a player thats even off Creative's web-site? :)

I had bought the hard drive more than a year back but never could lay my hands on a 0 size screw-driver. Just a few weeks back got one off a chinese place and wonder of wonders, it worked great. Ripped open the player, installed the new hard drive and plugged it into the USB on the computer. Started off with the firmware screen and I had to download the new firmware and re-install it again (I already had the latest firmware). Then formatted the player and there you have it - an 80 GB hard drive in a Creative Zen Xtra.



  1. I've had one of these for 5 years now, and I love it. What a machine. I've dropped it onto concrete from great heights while moving at speed, numerous times now, and it still works amazingly.

    I love it, nice work!

  2. So true....it has lasted me like for ever!! Don't think I wanna change it that soon too...especially after having pimped the hard drive....


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