Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eric the eel - true Olympic spirit!

Came across this really touching article about Eric Moussambani. Swimmer from Equatorial Guinea. Was given a wild card entry into the Sydney Olympics and took part in the heats alone since his other two wild card entries made false starts and were disqualified. Eric by the way had never seen or swam/trained at an Olympic size swimming pool before!. Really neat video...


  1. really deserves all the respect, used up all his energy i guess and must be wondering why those things were present in the pool..

  2. i found a link from the team of indiblogger nice to know that you've been blogging since so many years :) just have a look at my 20 days old blog and suggest me a few things by dropping comments there. would love to listen from a veteran :)



  3. thanks for replying in my blog :) yea working on the lower part of the blog have to arrange the various badges.. :)

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