Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Me and Abhilash were in JC Road some days back and Abhilash vanished into a cycle shop looking for an el-cheapo bicycle that he can buy. You know the hard time his heart had when he went into a Firefox shop (as in the bike, not the browser) on CMH Road.

Well, I digress here. I met a Pradeep from Mapunity in the shop. If you have not checked out this site, now is the best time. These guys actually do some great work with Traffic Information Systems. He told me that they have recently introduced live traffic feeds on the site with cameras mounted in some traffic hotspots in Bangalore. I wanted to write this as a scoop, but alas, I did not find the time and now I see that everyone knows about it. But still, check out the traffic pics from these locations. Who knows, you might get to watch something interesting.


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