Sunday, May 11, 2008


Since my last update on the new computer and Ubuntu, I have done nothing about it except download and burn the new Ubuntu version Hardy Heron. Since getting the new computer might actually take some time, I am thinking of installing Ubuntu in the existing computer itself. This can be accomplished using Wubi - about which I have blogged before. What Wubi does is install Ubuntu on your hard drive, on an existing partition, just like you would any Windows software. The only downside being that disk usage would be high and accessing files would be a tad bit slower. But I think thats a sacrifice you can make for using some great bit of software!!. I also see that the new Ubuntu version has this bundled with it. You can actually install Ubuntu Hardy Heron directly onto the existing Windows partition. In fact, I am going to try that today. Lets see how the disk usage is going to be. Err, I also read that this type of filesystem is more vulnerable to power-shortages. Thats like pulling the plug if you do not have a UPS!.

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