Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've gone through some weird shit these past few months and I really believe that I have come out of it all a stronger and much harder man. Stronger, yes good. But I am kinda sad that I am a harder man at the end of it all. Things that I used to care about don't bother me anymore. Happenings around me that nearly used to move me to tears I don't even notice anymore. I just don't give a FUCK anymore. But today, I met someone who really made me think. I met one of J's friends from office. She is a nice, pyt. Just all of atleast 4 years younger to me. She takes life as it comes. She downloads movies. Makes music. Parties. Deep down even, she is strong. She's got less than 5 years left to live. But she believes that there is more to life than just to carry bad baggage around and feel bad about it. I feel good to have met someone like her!!.


  1. Awesome!!! so the next step?

  2. What next step??

    Dude, I am at an all time high. Life is great, I am feeling great. Its on a roll, baby!!

    Bring it on

  3. Ho ho.... awesome. That calls for a party? Been a long time since we went to shivas... How about an evening there this month... you know when ;-)

  4. Hey the girl you mentioned, what happed to her.
    Whats with "she's got less than 5 years to live".


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