Monday, February 18, 2008

Indiblogger Banglore Bloggers meet

Wow, the Indiblogger Bangalore Blogger meet was awesome. We had a good turnout and the meeting was just too cool - method and madness combined as Sandil of Mutiny has put it. Renie and Anwin prepared well for this meet and I had fun doing the skit and trying to let people know what Indiblogger was about. Good going guys. Was good to see us all turn up in numbers and it was good to have Siva, Jacinth also in, along with the rest of the gang. Nice going guys and hope we have more in the future.

This is just a general post, I am hoping to post a more in depth review soon.


  1. good to know that the bangalore meet was great. i am organizing the Pune meet on 15th March. if you could share some more details, it would be great, if you can tell me somethings.
    and a great blog too!


  2. Dude you misspelled Bangalore! :-)


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