Monday, September 17, 2007

McLaren fined...drivers let off

Ok! I really dont know why Alonso was let off!!. There is evidence to show that the drivers were aware of what was going on. I cannot see why Ron Dennis was let off too!! Damn, the drivers did gain from the knowledge that was leaked out, so why not cut their points off too! Should have banned McLaren from the rest of the season too!!

Thank god there is one british paper out there that takes a balanced view of things.

Original links from Prabhu n Ferarri.

And the Belgium grand prix went off well. A Ferrari 1 2!! And Alonso, you are one sore loser! Watch the video on how he pushed Hamilton off track. Same team, as far as I remember!

Have a feeling that this guy will be champion. If not this year, then later! Hats off!!

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