Thursday, September 06, 2007

Iron Maiden coming back!!

Hehe...(rubbing hands in glee). Iron Maiden is coming back again to India!!. Though this might be sometime next year, MTV's Headbanger's blog mentions that this time, they will be playing all their older material. Steve Harris mentions about playing songs from their latest album - "We thought we needed the challenge and it proved the right thing to do. However, it can be hard on the fans playing so much new material. So now l guess it’s payback time". Hell, I love this kind of a payback!!! Looking forward to the real Iron Maiden now!!!.

Damn, the tour is appropriately named - "Somewhere Back In Time". Fucking hell!!!

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  1. It's the second coming!!! Fuck that's brilliant news man, good one. I seriously never imagined we could ever get to see the Powerslave tour live...

    7th son of a 7th son - typical Maiden classic!

    Powerslave - My favourite IM song!

    Rhyme of an Ancient Mariner - all 15 minutes of it!


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