Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ok, I have come across another service that pays you for doing reviews of advertisers and their products, called payperpost. What makes this more interesting is the fact that you have much more opportunities and the pay is also better than some competitors. I came across this site after Anwin mentioned it to me some days back. I quickly signed up and had to submit my blog online and provide my PayPal information. All done, it took them a couple of days to approve my blog and I was done!. The dashboard is easy to use and you can locate your opportunities by keywords or by just clicking a tab that shows what opportunities you are eligible for. This makes it very simple. I see that I am not eligible for some of the most high paying opportunities since they require a high Google ranking as well as a good score in Alexa. But lets wait some days and I am sure that I can pick up one of these posts and with the money earned, host a party!!
Another interesting aspect of Payperpost is the fact that you get to meet other people doing the same thing on their site. You can exchange tips and other tidbits of information.
I am looking forward to having some fun and getting paid for it..

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