Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Does anyone remember this picture?

Interesting. In this time when they have handed out umpteen death and life sentences out to various people of the Mumbai bombings, I was reminded of the Gujarat pogrom. A systematic, well-planned massacre that took place in Gujarat some years back. I don't think anyone has been convicted. Hmm, some even have offices of position these days. Aah, the irony.

Incidentally, that picture is of Qutubuddin Ansari, a tailor who was pleading with the mob at the time this picture was taken. He is now living in West Bengal at the behest of the government there.

Just an excerpt from Harsh Mander's writeup.... " What can you say about a woman eight months pregnant who begged to be spared. Her assailants instead slit open her stomach, pulled out her foetus and slaughtered it before her eyes. What can you say about a family of nineteen being killed by flooding their house with water and then electrocuting them with high-tension electricity. What can you say?"......

Read more on that here....

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  1. The World aurrouding us is a jungle with full of dangers..we never know what will happen to us..even if we take evey step in a careful way...at the end we may end up in a serious danger....


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