Monday, June 18, 2007

Safari on Windows

Ok, just wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Just read that Safari has been released for Windows and downloaded it for checking out. The first thing I notice is that Safari underlines all links. Ok, fine. So I go through all the goddamn options and there is no option to turn off this ridiculous feature. I search on Google. I get a link for the Macworld forums that suggests that you have to change the CSS for this. Err, how do I go about doing that? Another suggestion is that I have to download a helper app to add better functionality to Safari. Ok fine. Go to the site and there is no option for Windows!!. Hmm and whats worse, I see that in the forums, the co-editor has replied that Apple doesn't consider it a frigging priority that all links are underlined on web-pages in Safari and that there is no option to turn it off!!!!. Even better, hes advised someone to use another browser if they think Safari is lame. Very helpful I see!!.

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