Friday, June 29, 2007

Argentina win!!

Woohoo!!! Argentina scored 4 times to thrash USA in the Copa America today. Scorers were Hernan Crespo (twice), Pablo Aimar and Carlos Tevez.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Copa America 2007

Damn, the first interesting match in Copa America. Argentina v/s the USA. Guess the match starts at 06:20 IST tomorrow. Have to get up early and watch it!!..

Go Argentina!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tevez for Arsenal?

Damn, this would be awesome if it came true. Soccer365 says that Tevez might be joining as a direct replacement for Thierry Henry. I really hope Tevez joins. It will be awesome seeing the new Maradona play for the Gunners.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Safari on Windows

Ok, just wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Just read that Safari has been released for Windows and downloaded it for checking out. The first thing I notice is that Safari underlines all links. Ok, fine. So I go through all the goddamn options and there is no option to turn off this ridiculous feature. I search on Google. I get a link for the Macworld forums that suggests that you have to change the CSS for this. Err, how do I go about doing that? Another suggestion is that I have to download a helper app to add better functionality to Safari. Ok fine. Go to the site and there is no option for Windows!!. Hmm and whats worse, I see that in the forums, the co-editor has replied that Apple doesn't consider it a frigging priority that all links are underlined on web-pages in Safari and that there is no option to turn it off!!!!. Even better, hes advised someone to use another browser if they think Safari is lame. Very helpful I see!!.

Creative Zen Xtra mp3 player is back on track. After a real screw-up with my Creative Zen Xtra, I'd lost all the songs on it. I had 4816 songs on em. But I'd gone home last weekend to meet my sister and good that Joel had a backup of most of the songs on his computer. Thanks dude. I owe you one!!. Cool, so my music collection is back!!.

You can see a hazy number at the top corner of the screen on the player. Magic number 4114.

Monday, June 11, 2007

SpiderMan Battle Cycle

Pray tell me whats the use for Spidey for a motorcycle? Does he ride it on the streets and when theres too much of traffic, spin a web around it and carry it around when swinging around town??

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Guitar Solos Quiz

Came across this quiz from MentalFloss. Check out how many rock guitar solos you can get right. My scores down below:

Guitar Solos Quiz

Score: 88% (14 out of 16)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Educated Fools and Traffic

Damn, have been looking to write on this for a really long time. I have recently been riding a lot in Bangalore. And I ride a RE Thunderbird. So if you live in Bangalore, you will know how much of a pain it is to ride one of these beasts in lousy traffic. What I really get tired by is just riding the bike. Blame it on traffic and the other fuckers on the road. I mean, its such a fucking pain to hold the clutch for hours on end and at the end of the ride, you are left with one aching palm!. Other observations - too much traffic, lousy roads and the lousy bastards who ride on them. I mean, why the hell do you, when you see traffic moving in only one direction and the other direction free, go and park your vehicles all across the road?. Do you realise that you are blocking traffic both ways now? This is not a fucking race!. And we have the balls to call ourselves educated!!. Bookish knowledge and perhaps we can ace any written or oral exam on the fucking planet, but educated - we are not!!. No fucking way!!!.

And women - I have a lot of respect for you. But why is it that when you are behind a steering-wheel or hold a handlebar, become insane? Do you lose your head when you see so many men around you or is it so much traffic?. I agree, there are so many men who are lousy drivers out there but to the percentage of women who ride/drive, a large percentage are lousy drivers and make dumb-ass mistakes on the roads. Why do you suddenly (and this applies to the male population too) take turns without looking at the rear-view mirrors? What the fuck is a rear-view mirror for?? I don't remember it ever being put on a vehicle for cosmetic purposes. Damn, how much fucking long is it going to take to just flick your eyes to the rear-view mirror and get it back on the road?? Is it that hard to judge what to do based on that?

And why the hell do we use the horn so much? Is it some god-or-whatever-being-given weapon that we can use without any concern for human-kind? It so fucking pisses me off when people use it on the road with so much aplomb. Traffic is jammed up. Its not moving. Its gonna take some time. Or the signal is red. There is no way anyone can move until it turns green - or in most cases, yellow. But still you want to use the horn. I ask - what the fuck for? And another piss-off. Why the fuck do you want to move before the signal counts down to zero? I mean, are we getting there faster if we move out before that? Do we reach earlier?

And why use the cell-phone while driving? Its a fucking crime to use it when driving a car. But I have seen some jokers on bikes use them!!. I mean, do you write a fucking will and final settlement every time you leave the home in the morning. Fucking hell, atleast do that before you leave. I am sure your wife and kids will be happy about that!. They'll have a future once you lose yours!.

Like rear-view mirrors, I also think that signal-lights are not put on vehicles for cosmetic purposes. They have a fucking use. When you want to turn right, you flip on the right indicator. When you want to turn left, you turn on the left indicator. Its kinda simple. All it takes on a bike is a flick of the thumb and on a car - go figure!. Notice that I said "when you want to turn". Cause I see so many people use the indicators, but only just before turning. Voids the need for fucking indicators I think. Damn, we should have been blessed with fucking ESP.

Damn, driving in traffic sure pisses me off and in fact, I do give a piece of my mind to every fucker who fucks up on the road. So the next time you hear someone scream and call you names on the road, it might just be me!! Fucking educated fools!!.

On a happier note, was very happy to come across this site called Bangalore Transport Information System through Metroblogging Bangalore. It aims to make it easier for the common man to locate directions to parts of Bangalore and even provides information on the auto rates for that distance. Good effort I must say and they are looking for feedback, so please do give it to them.

Friday, June 01, 2007

No updates?

Err dudes.....some of you have been busy with more important stuff.....but no new updates on your blogs??