Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Linux users are crooks

Yeah - atleast thats what Steve "Fucking" Ballmer is saying to the world. Off from BoingBoing, I read that this bozo is going around calling Linux users thieves. He has this to say about Novell - that shit-in-the-pants company - "Novell pays us some money for the right to tell customers that anybody who uses SUSE Linux is appropriately covered. This is important to us, because [otherwise] we believe every Linux customer basically has an undisclosed balance-sheet liability." Undisclosed balance sheet liability?? You stupid fuck! - what about all those years I used your shitty piece of software called Windows and I got to re-install them everytime something went wrong?? Are you going to pay me back? Check what Steve "Rageaholic" Ballmer has to say....

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