Friday, May 11, 2007

DRM doesn’t work

Came across this article where Mark Shuttleworth had written about DRM - "There are some ideas that are broken, but attractive enough to some people that they are doomed to be tried again and again". DRM also known as Digital Restrictions Management (to the opponents of DRM), is a doomed piece of technology brought into the distribution of entertainment in digital formats. When I first heard of DRM, my question was - "If I buy the bloody song, then how is it that I do not own it? How is it that I cannot transfer it from my MP3 player to my computer or elsewhere?". When I read that I still do not own the damned piece of music, this made me more intrigued about DRM. I read up on artistes (who actually created the damned music in the first place) mention that the digital format of selling music has pretty much left them high and dry. They do not still make much money from the distribution of the music. Many of them do not like such restrictions on their music!. Then why - just cause some major music labels think its right to restrict the way we listen to our music?.

Some of the points that Mark touches upon are very interesting. He says - "Those folks who try to impose analog rules on digital content will find themselves on the wrong side of the tidal wave". Interesting point there. Another is that "It only takes one crack". We know that the processing key for all HD discs produced to date has been discovered and published. They brought about insane rights managements on CDs, then DVDs and now for HD discs. But time and time again, we see that they have been cracked. So are any of these insanities really doing any good? NO!.

Friends say - "Why get so worried about something? You need a whole album, download it off some torrents site". But my point being - shout out atleast. Make yourself heard. DRM sucks!. Write about it on your blog. Give power back to the people. Not some fucked up record company somewhere.

Mark also touches upon Steve Jobs' sudden high moral ground on DRM. So fucking see-through, Steve. The article written by Mark is really a very interesting read and you can read it and other articles by Mark on his site -

On another note, came across this cool software for installing Ubuntu on your local Windblows hard drive partition itself - called Wubi. All you need is the software and the ISO image for Ubuntu. Check it out. I haven't - yet!. Let me see if I can somehow install it and check it out for myself.

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