Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Advertsements on Taitanic

Last december, Abhilash had come to Nagercoil to spend Christmas with us. The trip was actually really good with us all travelling by Anoop's car and we had a ball of the time on the trip. Abhilash really enjoyed the stay and especially went mad whenever he had a view of the sea!!. Just came across some pics that we captured - hilarious spellings.....and btw, can someone tell me how "excellent" car parking can be? I thought there is only one type of car parking!!



Excellent car parking


  1. The Person who wrote that must be a Phd in english hee....

  2. Thats the one I missed man. Had f****** training on the weekend in the office.

  3. Yeah!!! it was Fun... when's our trip to nagercoil again???


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