Saturday, April 14, 2007

Slice Of Heaven

Ok, a good drink after a really long time and we discovered Karthik's special "Slice Of Heaven". WTF dude?? Another drink to find out what you were trying to explain??


  1. That was surely a great drink after a very long time. Even Anwin made it to the drink(Something to highlight ;-))

    And about the 'Slice of Heaven', yea, my heaven is not just dependent on something that is not meant to last. So even another drink might not explain what it is right now. As soon as I know that I can explain, I'll sponser a drink for you all!! ;-)

  2. dont go off on one of your unassailable obscure wordings

  3. Anwin, "unassailable obscure wordings". If something is unassailable and obscure for one, it need not be the same for all :-)


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