Friday, April 20, 2007


Damn, came across this very interesting community on Orkut. It stands for the Galloping Thunder Horse Club. Its for people who are interested to go on long rides - on a frigging horse!! In these days of going on long rides on cars and bikes, these guys are interested to go on long rides on a horse. Not sure how many of them own horses, but I guess asses are also allowed. Teeheehee. Check it out and its a very interesting community. Join up - you dont need a horse, all you need is an ass!.

The way you can become a member is to go on 2 rides.


  1. "came across this very interesting community on Orkut" ???

    errrmm!!! Ok!!!

  2. Oh yea man... I'm a member now. When is the next ride???

  3. please please make me a member... please please

  4. u can join by ur self anwin u need not plee for joining this community. However it was very interesting community by the way

  5. Oh man I know the guy who started that community.
    His kinda cranky and a big horse hater.

  6. i also heard is likes beating people who write comments like Siomn has written


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