Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dogs maul kid in Bangalore

That seems to be the headline on any newspaper these days. I remember first reading about this sometime in the beginning of this year. Its quite insane that something like this can happen these days. What really causes this case of dogs turning man-eaters? Its like the "Man-eaters of Bangalore". Jim Corbett is surely turning in his grave!!.

But really, whats happening? Dogs are naturally afraid of humans and will not confront us unless cornered. Unless what I learnt as a kid has been overtaken by some other new discovery. So is it the pack hunting sense that they have in their instinct coming to the fore? Some weak, juicy victim - in this case a human child. Cause after all, dogs were wolves once.

So how contain the menace? When I first came to Bangalore, I remember seeing packs of dogs roaming around without a care in the world. Friends used to be scared to drive back at night on bikes. Garbage dumpsters have resident dogs. But when asked why nothing is done about the dogs, people pointed out the small cuts on their ears. They have all been neutered. Hmm, seems like even neutered dogs like human flesh, especially the weak and young kinds. What are you waiting for - a fucking whole generation of dogs to go by for the population to drop? So whenever a question comes of killing stray dogs, in come the RSPCA, SPCA, PETA and every other acronym in the book with something to do with animals saying that its cruel to kill them. Ok, do you do something about it? Granted, you try to get as many animals into your shelters. But the shelters are overflowing - like Indian jails. So again, you turn a blind eye to the problem and the cause!. So fucking hypocritical - like all vegetarians. I didn't know that its cruel to kill a dog but not cruel to let the mauling go on. In my native town, we would have gotten rid of the dog menace by bringing in a circus to town. Choice of food for the King of the Jungle - dogmeat!

But really, the only reason this problem still exists is because of all the animal rights activists who raise a hue and cry whenever a question of killing animals (even for the greater good) comes up. Atleast be passionate or believe in what you stand for, you jokers!. You love animals, do something to protect them and take them off the streets. Let me remind you here that the people I am targetting are not the real people who are passionate about animals and even go to the extent of creating shelters out of their own money. I am talking about the run-of-the-mill jokers who think its the "in-thing" to be supportive of animal rights (that term always makes me laugh).

All I can say as an ending is that love animals, love the killer dogs - kill them. And please don't give me crap about putting them to sleep - damn political correctness.

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