Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flames and remove unwanted people from photos

Hehe, just thought that I would post about taking photos today. The following is an image I took of a camp-fire when we had gone out on a very "fun-filled" team outing. Think the picture came out very well and I love the clarity of the image.


Secondly, I saw this tutorial on Lifehacker on how to remove tourists from great photographs that you take, especially on nice locations. Renie, I am sure this will be helpful for you. There is a whole tutorial on this link. Direct link to the page - here.

Update, update - saw this link for another nifty app that you can use for free on the net called TouristRemover.


  1. Roof Roof Roof is on Fire,
    We dont Need no Water Let the _________er Burns!.
    Burn__________er Burn.

  2. Thats a neat pic... Which outing was it?

  3. Brethren... this time in NGL lets take the Jeep and go off for a photo expedition...what say?

  4. Yo Renie.........great idea...i am all for it.........really good idea....there is some bottles of beer accompanying us right??

  5. Am also joining u guys for the photo trip not for Beer trip...


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