Friday, September 22, 2006

Radio Indigo

Wow, finally a good FM radio station that we guys can listen to. Its called Radio Indigo. You can view their web-site here. It plays only internation music and pretty decent music by the way. I also read somewhere that they have slots for Heavy Metal as well as good old rock music. Me and Anoop found it so interesting that we are planning to get mobiles with FM capabilities!.

On another note, am just back after meeting a friend whose son passed away in a freak accident. The 5 yr old kid was probably playing around and fell into the sump, hit his head and lost consiousness. He was unable to call out for help, drowned and died. Sad times for my friend and family. Gladly we were able to give a little bit of courage for the guy and push him to remember that he has a daughter to take care of now. This is for you, Barry...will always remember you by that pseudo-name!!.


  1. thats sad with ur fren...
    hope your presence gave him a courage...

  2. Yeah, hope I was of help.....situations like this make you feel old somehow....brr....

  3. There is nothing uncommon. Are'nt you a veteran? comon' its high time you realize! Hehe

  4. may god bless his son's soul and give courage tour friend and his family to face this...

  5. I agree Radio Indigo is good. But that ***ker plays 70s and 80s rock only. Can we have a radio station where every day we don't have to listen to the same chords of Mark Knofler and Clapton? So many guitarists out there with gr8 music and this station plays some stupid music at times. Lots to improve.

    Since I am not attached to you in any way I am not commenting on what happened to your friend.


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