Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Michael Shumacher retires....

And thank God for that!!! Now, I can start supporting Ferrari completely. Always had to be a little stand-offish in supporting the Ferrari team all this while. Simply because I hated Schumi. Aargh, he was an ok driver and would probably have not won so many titles if Ferrari's team strategy was not to allow any other Ferrari driver to overtake Schumi and always give him the best car. But now that he is gone, the races will become more interesting and Ferrari/Bridgestone can kick everyone's ass!!

Even Anoop seems to want to support Ferrari once Schumi retires. Guess the only sad one in the gang must be Karthik. Cry your heart out brother, he ain't coming back!!!!.


  1. Dude, Schumi is a good driver. A bad driver with best strategies is never going to work.
    Wihout Schumi, Ferrari will still glow!
    I will still continue to support it. I like Schumi because of Ferrari. Not the otherway round.

  2. The red team is already on top. Jus that Schumi is 2 points behind Alonso. Hope he is on top at the end of season when he retires.

  3. Yeah, cool Zeon.....lets join the Tifosi.....


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