Friday, August 25, 2006

Bangalore - Vellore ride....

Well, well, seems like I have to ride alone!!

Sanjeeb and me planned to go to Vellore on saturday early morning to meet up with Anwin and check on his dad. Sanjeeb did apply for leave on his leave intranet thingie but was not approved and will not be able to make it. Man, I am left to ride alone or to forget the whole idea. Karthik advised me not to ride alone and said that we will make it another day when he is here. Well, thats what we have been saying all these months, EVERY time we decide to take a long ride. Man!! I am kinda anxious thinking about travelling alone, but think that I can make it. The bike's been serviced and feels good. Just a little thingie about the route. Hehe, after all, it is my first long ride. Hope to take some photos and have a good time. Since monday is a holiday, hope that I can ride back on Monday afternoon or so. Hope the weather holds good and that I dont have a niggling feeling before leaving. Here's to my ride......or not!!


  1. I felt the same way the first time I drove alone dude... it turned out to be awesome!

  2. Yeah Renie, awesome ride up the Redux....heh


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