Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Work and all that is involved...

Damn, Karthik has quit the job and moved to a better and higher paying work in Chennai.....somehow feel that he will be getting married soon...heheh, yeah dude, I said you!! Since he has quit, our team has come down to 6 people and is already hell...

Life sucks even of the bad phases in life...not even able to take leave to go and meet Anwin......


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  2. yeah ,dude .Happens .I suggest u should search a good job and get married.

  3. Well Simon, You say or not in the next 500 days... we might have to address not just Naveen, Naveen and Family ;-) Let the countdown start.

    And yea, even hereI'n not able to take leave, as I'm in training.
    Life will always suck,
    when What should suck, doesn't
    and what shouldn't, Sucks.


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