Friday, June 02, 2006

World Cup

Well, the last post has ended on a good note as Anwin has said....but somehow, I think it is not over...theres more to come......time will tell....

On a happier note, I am really glad that there are just 7 days left for the World Cup to begin. I am rooting for my favourite team - Argentina. They are pitted against Ivory Coast, Serbia and Montenegro and the Netherlands. Seems like Netherlands and Argentina will make it through. Am also rooting for Brazil and Germany - in that order. Really wish that we had a large screen ( and by that I mean, in excess of 30" ) back home, or atleast in the office so that we can watch the matches live. Well, can dream can't I?

And even better, had a great time during the past weekend in Pudupatti, a village in Tamilnadu where me and Anwin went to attend Arun's wedding. The place is also close to Thekkady, quite famous for its elephants. Though we could see none, we had a great time and I have some great photos to prove it. Click on the link to view em in Flickr. Here!!

Nothing more...will meet u all in the next week....


  1. Hmmm... My vote for Brazil, Lets see, Nothing like if we can arange a Tv in the office cafetaria :-(

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