Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bike back

Well, well, finally my bike is back in shape. I had left it at the Enfield service point yesterday, not even able to explain to the owner what the problem was as he was so busy. The guy is so good that he knew that there is a problem, realised where it is and then made it alright. I had also asked for a a water wash and now, the bike is as good as new. There seems to be no problems with the gear-shifting and the engine note also sounds really good. Thank god or whoever!!

But we had a problem getting back from office last night on Anwins bike. He had the same problem where the bike would die after moving for some distance. We really think that it must be the petrol since we filled up petrol from the same bunk and we had the same problem on the bike. Now, I really want to burn down that pump. Anyone interested in joining me??


  1. yeah dude...I thought I of ranting on this ...you beat me to it...me too busy today...hehehehe

    That MF will sure die horribly before he starts suffering in hell

  2. Cool... guys,Chill... It could've been an accident as well. May be even he did not know that the fuel was not pure. Or may be he did that deliberately. All the time days of cursing is over long ago. It has no power now. It requires Action! Atleast the next time it happens, we must try and sue that guy, who is responsible.


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