Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rock Crossword

Well, I finally have given into Anwins tag. I have created a rock crossword. So go ahead dudes and dudettes, try solving it.

Here it is....

In turn, I tag Veronica and OracleIncognito. But there is a twist, or rather, an untwist. You people don't need to create a Rock crossword. Something that we can all solve would be fine. You can all create this crossword using the same tool that Anwin used - EclipseCrossword. Click on the link to download and use, its simple and FREE!!!.


  1. Ok, ok, my fault....now I re-read that Anwin made no such rules...so go ahead, make ur own...

  2. dude...stuck on two of the answers...

  3. Hecho mi amigo. Su hecho.


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