Friday, January 06, 2006

My discovery of the day....

Well, to add to what Anwin says on Humor With A Twist Of Lemon - "To lose your brains, you either have to be a woman or get married", I add....

To lose your brains, you either have to be a woman, get married or be a manager!!.


  1. Yeah dude... But I serioudsly have a doubt.. Will only Dumbass become managers or you become one after you are manager? but either way... manager = dumbass. I'll write a theory on this... trust me.

  2. goes on...

  3. naveen, i have a doubt do u mean to say all women have no brains ,or once u get married to a women u lose ur brain coz u get influenced by her thoughts, and managers dont lose their brain , but rather dont have anything like that in their head.

    Not sure if u have found out who this is? but another one coz u wrote abt women!!!!

  4. ooh man..all I see that is someone hates his manager..I say if your manager is a girl..sleep with her (throw in wierd articles of BDSM in the bargain)..wake up the next day and tell her "I've had better"..

    If its a guy...find him a new job..or everytime he walks by ..tear a piece of sand paper and hold your nose..

    he he


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