Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year !!

Well, I am back in office now....first day of work in the new year and I pretty much hate it....

Firstly because I am so sleepy and tired what with travelling all last night.....and cause as usual, work is damn boring, especially after having lazed around doing nothing at home over the holidays. I have put on a lotta weight and me and Karthik have decided to go jogging in the mornings....atleast he has decided to!.

Anwins got a new Bullet....welcome to the Enfield family dude....now we can go on all those long trips....

I made no New Year resolutions - as usual. Cause I know that I would never follow them up righteously.


  1. cool dude...yeah waiting for the bullet...

  2. Hi thank you soo much naveen for the info , so along with you anwin also owes me a treat.....

  3. I'm ready for a treat from both of you... decide the date.


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