Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back again

Well, to all those who missed me (a pitiful few I know, hehe), I am back again. I was attending some corporate training on Linux Internals and Kernel Architecture. I know, it sound all hi-fi and all. And it was actually hi-fi too. So much so that most of what was taught went over my head. I mean, I am very interested in Linux and the Open Source movement. I was the first in my gang to install and run Linux, tweak it, even make my Windows games run on Linux. I even went so far as to tweak the driver configuration for the old video card that I had. And I noticed that these other "geeks" who attended training with me had not even tried installing any other OS all those years before!!. But that is nothing against them, they all code and write programs on Linux now.

Training was pretty intense, was interesting cause the trainer was really good. But at times, I was not understanding anything that was said, so much so that I started jotting down some observations for this post....

"Oh!, How I think that I can never go back to geekdom again!!"

"Man, an assignment that never seems to end!"

"Am I ever gonna get out of here alive?" - that seemed inspired from Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame.

"Do I really know any C System Programming?"

"Don't think that I can ever write a piece of code in C ever again!"

And also, I somehow noticed that all these other guys who attended training with me are proper geeks. They cannot even think of discussing something other than programming and stuff during a break. It was crazy.

But some good did happen. I met this guy who works with me in training who is into Linux and has a lot of real interest in using Linux. He has also worked and installed Debian - one of the hardest installations to perform.

And the bike has finally reached 1000 kms. Whooppeee!!! Now, I can plan all those looong rides, even to Chennai or Mysore. And it even gives me better mileage than I thought it might. So Anwin, where next?

And bought a helmet too. I mean, I really do not know how these guys can be so careless riding without a helmet. Please, wear a helmet when riding.


  1. I understand about the linux thing...ok
    I understand about the bike thing..sure...ok
    But what I dont get it the last para...hmmm...

  2. Dude, it is seriously bad to ride a bike without a helmet.....all you bike riders get a helmet!!!

    hehe, i know i am gonna get kicked..


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