Monday, December 05, 2005

Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Finally, after a lotta hassle, I have paid the FULL amount for my bike. I had opted to buy the Thunderbird after a lot of thought. I had first thought of buying the Honda Unicorn, the latest offering from Honda. But somehow, I have lost interest in the bike. Then, the Bajaj Pulsar seemed interesting. But then, every guy in the street has the Pulsar.

Next choice. So I finally settled for the Thunderbird. Not having ridden a Bullet ever before did not stand in my way. Neither did the fact that I am not that well-built to handle a bullet. So I thought, what the hell, lets just give it a shot and atleast take a test drive.

So I located some dealers online and gave them all a call. Well, there are only 3 dealers in Bangalore and so that made the job easy. Two were scratched off because one was closed for renovation and the other did not have the right phone numbers online. A little help and advise from my friend, Naveen AC put me on the right track. I decided to go along one day and check out the bike. Anwin came along with me. Man, were we thunderstruck by the Thunderbird. I know that sounds so corny, but it is the truth. I fell in love with the bike at once. What a beast!! Two shades - Red and Black. Though the red was pretty cool, the black was the killer. And I was told its the 50th anniversary edition of the Thunderbird. Couldn't take the test drive on the same day, but was content with having a look.

Went in after that with Karthik to check out the bike and have a test drive. They did roll out an older machine for me to drive, but it still was a hot one. Sitting on the Tunderbird sure makes you feel like an emperor - of the road that is!!. Wished that Karthik could have also had a drive but he had to get to work. So while he left, I discussed the loan options etc with the dealer.

More waiting. "Sourced some money from some known sources" - you guys know from where. Thank god for my folks who were willing to part with that much money. Thanks Mom and Dad. Had a little trouble with my bank who were unwilling to send me a check book to the right address. So had to source a little more money from above mentioned sources. Thanks again!!!!

More trouble with the bank. Arun and Karthik finally stepped in to help me out again. Thanks you guys!! So went on saturday, paid more than half the money to the dealer. Celebrated this happy occassion with a beer.

So finally, went today with Karthik to the dealer and pay him the remainder. As my days are good, my bad luck follows. Dealer was closed for lunch. Somehow managed to convince them to open the door and let me in. Finally paid off the money. Here I am in office now, dreaming of the bike. Wish the days would pass by quickly so I can be united with my love. Hell, that sounds so like a friggin love story.

But I still am looking for the day for it to arrive..


  1. Hmm... True that a Thunderbird raider will rule the road. And you will be one of them. Go rule your way dude... Rock... (But remember to take the bike to Mahesh's house the collect your bucks).

  2. yeah dude...this is going to be one love story where you can be sure you are not going to be ditched. The bike wont hate you for riding another bike, not for bringing home a woman, for drinking too much, for not talking to her, for enjoying TV...etc etc..the list goes on...

  3. I started reading when i saw the line " I am in love" but nice to know you are in love with a bike .congrats and sure u are a Emperor with or without the bike, enjoy and be safe with your best pal.

  4. ok...who was that?

  5. # Karthik - Thanks man....and dont worry, one of the first few things that I am doing is going to Mahesh's house, wake him out of the "night-shift" slumber and get the bet-winning money off him!!

    # Anwin - love that will not ditch me...and like u said i can ride this bike without her getting mad at me for riding another - make ur conclusions!! hehe

    # Veronica - Yeah I am in love.....with a bike!!

    # Anwin - you know who that was!!!

    # OracleIncognito - Sure we can go on a long bike's like Christine tho'. Now that was a direct opposite statement to what I have agreed with Anwin on the bike!!!

  6. who you gonna kill before it becomes a "Christine"?

  7. Cheers dude - just checked out your top 100 bands too - i'd have placed GNR way higher but thats me.... The Bullet is the ultimate bike to have, my uncle let me have his for the past 4 years while he went to Germany -I have lived life on that bike man, organized an intercollege festival and drove into many a sunset with my beautiful gal - now wife behind me. I weigh 60 K and thats the last thing that determins if you desrve a bullet! In the words of steven tyler " Life's a journey not a destination" ride on man!

  8. Let me play the old wise man's role now.

    "Olunga paathu ottu, Naveen. Be careful"
    Have fun driving your new bike. And do we have to pay the full amount to buy a bike in India?

  9. Finally it has arrived..

    Just dont let anwin put it in reverse gear..

    he he

  10. # Anwin - sure, lets get someone to sacrifice.....

    # Tarun Jacob - thanks man.....a Thunderbird sure rocks....and as I write this, I have got the bike....just rode it into office today.....makes me want to rev the engine....just waiting for the first 1000 kms to go zipping some friends who are studying/working in CMC, just attended the wedding for one....

    # Zombie....thank God no reverse gear dude....hehe

  11. # Samuel - thanks......and no u dont need to pay the full amount....but its the best option....


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