Thursday, December 15, 2005

Royal Enfield Thunderbird - 3

For those of you out there who have ridden an Enfield, Bullet or otherwise must know the great tone of a really well tuned Enfield engine. A really well tuned and well-run Enfield really runs along so smoothly that the engine note sounds like a note from heaven. Not that I believe in the idea, but if there was a heaven and angels playing golden harps, they must be making music that sounds like an Enfield engine. No, I did not get a whiff of some smoke somewhere!.

After 3 days of running the bike for small distances, the engine on my Thunderbird is starting to settle down. It is running smoothly and the engine note is taking on a really sweet note. Karthik and Anwin have both noticed it and commented on that. Today morning when coming to office, it was so smooth that I never felt like riding a bike. It felt more like travelling on a magic carpet. Wonder how Karthik felt.

Man, I love the bike...I am sure that this is nothing that a female will ever understand - a mans love for a big hunk of gleaming metal.


  1. Hmm... yea dude.. I always wanted to buy a Bullet... You did, may be it means that even I did...hehehe

  2. In your dreams machan - in your dreams!!!

  3. "I Am sure that this is nothing that a female will ever understand"-- is this in general for all the females or one particular girl whom you know, coz i dont agree if it is all females in general, b4 you could realise, i told anwin a week ago that only after a reasonable distance and couple of days you will know how the bike is and how much u like that, and thats the time you enjoy it .....

  4. Well, my apologies for generalising there....guilty as charged!! Good to know that there is a "female" out there who understands a bike....but what I actually meant was that women may understand how great it is to ride and the feel for a bike....but not the crazy love that men may show to a bike?? am i right or am i wrong??

    but why post anonymously??


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