Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ozzy and a Musical??

Yeah I know.....

But good to know that my favourite rocker, Ozzy Osbourne is back. I was watching a single that he had released just a few days back. Was a remake of some old John Lennon song I guess. Wasn't that great anyways. But Ozzy always sounded great on songs that he had written himself. Loved his older albums like Bark at the Moon. I would say that the last best album that he had put out was Ozzmosis. Man, that was a rocking album with some great guitar riffs and some great lyrics. I guess the best song in there must have been "My Jekyll Doesnt Hide".

It seems Ozzy is looking to make a musical on Rasputin. Man, that must be something. And like Ozzy says, Rasputin lived the rock'n'roll lifestyle before it was invented. He drank heavily, was a womaniser, disregarded personal hygiene and was linked with witchcraft and the occult. He was also famously hard to kill - his assassins had to poison, shoot and drown him.

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  1. Yeah abt that...hmmm...better an album (hopefully) than a broadway musical.

  2. My fault!!! The original rocker - Ozzy has already released an album called "Under Cover", a rendition of all his favourite songs.....including "Sympathy For the Devil"........classic!!


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