Thursday, November 10, 2005


I remember the days of old.....probably 10 years or so back, when we used to listen to music on cassettes. These were the days when as kids we thought that a tape for a rock band priced at Rs.45 was expensive!. So all we as a gang could do was pool in the money or see that one guy buys an album a month. Then we would let the tape run in circles....every one borrowing from the other. There were some other of my friends who would make copies of the tapes for themselves.

Pan back to the present age. Times have changed and the mp3 revolution is on. The record companies, whose coffers are already filled with money, see this as a bad trend and start bringing in DRM and other strong-arm tactics like suing users who have used a P2P connection. It is not important that they may never have used it for downloading MP3s.

Coming back to today, I read an incredible article on BoingBoing. It tells of a company that is even restricting indexing of books!!!. As BoingBoing says....

"The founder of this org previously patented a software method for progressively ruining ebooks as a means of discouraging people from reading books they find online -- thanks, just what authors need in a dwindling-readership universe"

This is the link for the company - COCOA

I mean, the trend that is being followed, I think all over the world is becoming insanely commercial. Everything that has to be done has to be looked at from a commercial POV. Man, like the record companies have done, why dont we go ahead and ask people to stop reading. If they don't, make them!

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